Menotone Face Cream 1.8 oz / 50 ml

Active Ingredients: Steatric acid, ascorbic acid, cetearyl alcohol, isoprophl myristate, glycerin, methyl & propyl paraben, huile de carrotte, vit.e.

The Menotone anti-spot cream, is a fast working fade cream that rids one's skin not only of dark spots but often ignored skin imperfection. In so doing, it gives the skin a YOUTHFUL glow. Dark spots are quickly blurred away and complexion unified.


To make it more cost effective and also to reduce its potency please pair/apply product with a facial moisturizer. Menotone face cream has received rave reviews as a go to for getting rid of dark spots fast. It also leaves the skin with a glow.


Apply twice daily for best results. Alongside a retinol based moisturizer at night-time and an SPF moisturizer during the day.

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